FISCAL YEAR 2021 ANNUAL REPORT   |   JULY 1, 2020 — JUNE 30, 2021


A Letter from the president

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." — John 10:10

I see this verse lived out before my eyes every day. I hear heartbreaking reports of extreme persecution and horrific violence from our Field Ministry Team — I witness the devestating effects of an enemy who has literally come to kill and destroy.

But I also bear witness to the power of Christ at work through friends like you — God is miraculously restoring what has been broken, bringing life from death, building hope from rubble.

In this year of incredible upheaval caused by a global pandemic, God has grown our ministry in ways we never imagined. Together we helped 46,860 persecuted believers across 17 countries.

We saw a 39% increase in donors to our ministry — and a 57% increase in the number of donations.

This simply translates to more lives changed and saved across the Middle East and North Africa. To God be the glory!

A ministry partner recently described Help The Persecuted as "small but mighty." It's a distinctive I cherish — a testament to God's blessing on our work. Our team has decades of experience serving globally for the mission of Christ.

Each day, whether in the office or out in the field, we strive to help persecuted Christians by addressing their physical and spiritual needs, and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

Thousands are finding hope in Christ through our ministry together. As an organization, even while small, we desire to take strong and courageous actions to fulfill our mission to stand with our persecuted brothers and sisters who, even now, cry out, "How long, O Lord?" (Revelation 6:10)

May God continue to find us fruitful!

President and CEO

Together, we Rescued, Restored, and Rebuilt the lives of 46,860 persecuted believers this year — to God be the glory!

Noor's Story

Even when she read the Quran, Noor was always drawn to stories about Issa (Jesus). It didn't take long for her to accept Christ after a Bible was placed in her hands. When her conservative Muslim family found out about her faith conversion, they beat her and humiliated her. They encouraged others in their community to hate Noor, and she began receiving threats. Out of fear for her life, Noor had to relocate to another town in Jordan... This is when you intervened! We were grateful to step in with funds for housing and basic living expenses as this young lady, who was all alone in her new place, began her new life.


Rescue. Restore. Rebuild.

You are helping us provide life abundant for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. Hope, peace, and even joy amid darkness and pain.

Our mission

We are ministers of the gospel who RESCUE believers escaping imminent danger. RESTORE believers to full physical, emotional, and spiritual health. REBUILD their lives, empowering them to thrive as a disciple of Christ in hostile places.

Our impact

Thanks to your support, the lives of more than 46,000 persecuted Christians were dramatically transformed this year. Many found stability and hope by way of tangible support. Others discovered the reality of Christ as their needs were met. The underground Church is growing. What Satan means for evil, God uses for His glory.

Life abundant amid persecution

You can write a message of hope for one of those who has felt forgotten and is in need. We will translate your words into Arabic and distribute your note along with critical supplies and spiritual encouragement. A life-giving gift!


Every 2 hours, a Christian is killed for following Jesus Christ.


Number of Christians facing physical violence toward themselves or loves ones, or lost homes and jobs, because of their faith in Jesus.


Christians are the most persecuted people group on Earth.

SIDQI's Story

Sidqi was taught to hate Christians from a very young age. Lies fed to him by his extremist parents led him to mistreat and harass Christians in his community. Their loving response to his cruelty softened his heart. Eventually, he accepted Christ as Lord of his life. This led to threats and violence, his Muslim wife leaving him, and reporting him to authorities, two years of prison, an attempt to kill him made by a member of his ex-wife's family, and a life on the run.

But you shared hope with Sidqi. Together, we helped him relocate and rebuild his broken life. Today, he is remarried. Ministering to others as an assistant pastor in a church. Sharing the Truth of the Gospel with others in need.


Thank you for Sharing in Life Abundant

Thank you for every life rescued. Every family placed in safety and restored. Every business and livelihood rebuilt... to give God's people in hostile places a fighting chance at survival. To give them opportunities to grow in faith and be encouraged. And to give them the prospect of hopeful, peace-filled, joyful, abundant life in Christ!

It's not just for the persecuted believer that we exist. It's also for you. How else would you know of specific needs in places hostile to the Gospel? How else could you fulfill God's call to reach out to the

"least of these" with hope and help? We are the bridge, the liaison between you and those who need your prayers and support most. God gives us the ideas, the methods, and the access to make a difference, but you empower our work!

Please do not give up this fight on behalf of our persecuted brothers and sisters. We are determined to stay the course and ask for your continued participation in prayer and giving.

Here are some encouraging words from partners like you:

"My heart goes out to our brothers and sisters in Christ who are experiencing persecution. Thank you for ministering to them. Our prayers continue as we seek to help the persecuted. When you post answers to prayers from the prayer report, I feel encouraged. Again, thank you for the work you do unto the Lord."
—Gray, GA

"Good morning! Wanted to reach out to say how incredible and challenging is the work that you do. It's a beautifully stunning picture of Christ's love for us here on Earth. Praying for you."
—Atlanta, GA

"Praise God for enabling us to bless Help The Persecuted's work."

"Thank you for all you do for our persecuted brothers and sisters in CHRIST! Please use our gift as needed in your efforts — keep up the good work!"
—Madera, CA

"I am really pleased and grateful to support this most worthy of causes!"
—United Kingdom

Raya's Story

A group of hateful Muslim tormentors began persecuting Rayah after learning of her newfound faith. Though young in faith, she would not denounce Christ. One day, they raped her, filmed the entire attack, and published the video for those in her hometown to see. And this was not the end of Rayah's nightmare. Her father beat her for bringing public shame on their family.

Rayah had to flee, and she was welcomed quietly and quickly into one of our Safe Houses. She needed much more than a safe shelter. She needed help after being brutalized and rejected by her own family and community. We were grateful to provide biblical counseling and discipleship to her during her stay.


A Vision For Growth and Increased Impact


A world where the persecuted Church endures, flourishes, and multiplies in hostile places.

In the days ahead, we will:

RESCUE more believers facing imminent danger.
RESTORE more believers to full physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
REBUILD more lives, empowering them to thrive as disciples of Christ in hostile places — reaching at least 150,000 persecuted believers in the coming years.

SaFe Houses

A sanctuary, a reprieve, a clean, hidden, secure location to heal, be encouraged, restored, and rebuild a broken life.

This is what you provide through every Safe House we operate, furnish, and maintain. It's more than a roof over the head of a person or family on the run. More than a bed, couch, sink, and a stove. It's life-saving, tangible hope, the opportunity to start a new life. Thank you for making these homes a reality.


Life Abundant for
the Persecuted!

"I came that they might have life
and have it abundantly"

— JOHN 10:10